• Gilbertsville Director
    ​Christy Watson (610) 323-8033
  • Obelisk Director
    ​Lora Bonhage  (610) 754-9204
  • Hours
    6:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Monday-Friday
  • Holidays​
    Closed Major Holidays, Friday after Thanksgiving, Presidents Day, Columbus Day, Martin Luther King (Staff Training Days)
  • Calendar Year
    ​January 1 to December 31.
  • Sign In and Sign Out
    ​Parents are required to sign in and sign out their children daily.
  • The Medicine Log
    ​Posted on the refrigerator is a sheet to be signed if your child needs medication.
  • Outside Play
    ​Children go outside weather permitting.  Please send appropriate dress for outdoor play.
  • Files
    Your child’s file contains emergency forms, health appraisals, and evaluations.  Please make sure your information is kept up to date.
  • Phone
    ​​We appreciate a morning call if your child is not coming that day.  You are always welcome to call and check on your child.  If your child’s teacher can not immediately get to the phone, your call will be returned.  Remember your child is only a phone call away.
  • Withdrawal
    ​If a child withdrawals from our program, 2 weeks notice is required.  Should more notice be possible it would be appreciated.
  • Licensing
    Both centers are fully licensed to assure the health and safety of our children.
  • Hazardous Conditions
    ​Heavy snow fall or serious weather conditions that make it necessary to delay opening.  If Boyertown School District is off school or delayed, our facility will open at 7:30 AM.  All parents who arrive earlier should call before arriving to assure a staff is at the facility.  Parents will be contacted directly by phone by 12:30 PM if the facility will close early that day.  
  • Illness
    ​We are always prepared to cope with illnesses, but because we are concerned for the health of your child and our staff, NHCC reserves the right to refuse care to an ill child---by ill we mean green stuffy noses, runny eyes, persistent coughs, high fevers, vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Additional Services
    ​Preschool Hearing and Vision screening / Cots and Cribs / Student Evaluations & Conferences available three times a year / Monthly Newsletter / Daily Reports on Infants & Toddlers / Monthly Preschool Notes / Referral Information.
  • Toys​
    Please keep toys at home.  The exception being show’n tell.  Stuffed animals and dolls are permissible at nap time but must remain with the child’s blanket and cot. Cubbies get overcrowded with special stuffed friends and leave no room for their papers.
  • Nap Time
    Infants will need a nice sheet to put in their beds and will be taken home at the end of the week to be washed. Toddlers and Preschool should supply their own napping materials such as a slumber bag. Please put your name on the items.
  • Emergency Evacuation​
    Complying with state regulations our facility conducts a fire drill every 2 months. The facility has a written plan in the event of a dangerous situation at the center and/or alerts at the Limerick Generating Station. This plan is available to parents.

General Info

Tuition & Costs



  • Summary
    ​Pricing is set to provide quality care and programs at affordable prices.
  • Enrollment
    Full time enrollment is open to any child of appropriate age. If a program is not full, part time enrollment is considered under special exception by management. All children must be registered and a $80 fee is required/family $120. One week tuition will be due to reserve placement.
    - 6 Weeks to 24 Months $190.00/week
    - 24 Months to 36 Months $180.00/week
    - 3 Years to 5 Years $170.00/week*
    ​(*Child must be potty trained)
    - Kindergarden Care $160.00/week
    - School Age Care (before/after school) $80/week
    - School Age Summer Care $155.00/week
  • Payments
    Tuition must be paid in advance. Child Care fees are due Thursday, no later than Friday afternoon or a $5.00 late fee will be added. A payment envelope will be provided for you, it is to be placed in the fee box. If payment is made by check, your payment must clear the bank or cash will be expected thereafter. A $25.00/Bank Charge will be added if returned. 
  • Overtime Charges
    ​Pick up time is 6:00 PM sharp.  After there will be a charge of $10.00 for every 15 minutes you are late. This is to be paid directly to the caregiver.
  • Part Time
    ​Part time rates available upon request depending on class enrollment.  
  • Late Fees
    ​$10.00/per 15 minutes past 6:00PM
  • Vacation
    ​Children who are enrolled full time for 52 consecutive weeks may take two weeks-unpaid vacations. Advance notice is requested. If a family withdrawals from our program within the first year and has taken vacation weeks, they will be charged for that time.
  • Re-registration
    ​Required if a family withdrawals for the summer.
  • Records
    ​Transfer of your child’s records is available upon request. A two week notice is required and a parent’s signature is necessary to release information.
  • Subsidized Care 
    Montgomery County Office of Child Care Services
    800-281-1116, or Berks County 800-252-3038
    Chip – Children’s Health Insurance Program